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News, Pest Control, Self help / November 23, 2021

Are Foxes Protected?

News, Pest Control, Rats control, Self help / May 28, 2021

Of Mice and Men – A Pest Controllers most Common Adversary

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Common clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) on green knitted fabric, closeup

October 8, 2022/

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths Request Quote here Whats munching on my best Dress To kill the enemy you need to know your enemy!! There is a common…

Asian Hornet Warning

October 8, 2022/

Asian Hornet Warning Request Quote here Asian Hornets invading our Shores? Asian Hornets are often feared come summer, being an invasive species which preys on honeybees. If you see an…

Brown Ants causing Structural Damage in UK homes.

October 7, 2022/

Brown Ants Causing Structural Damage in your Home? Request Quote here Brown Ants Known as Brown ants, this species builds their nests inside woods but does not consume any wooden…

Are Foxes Proected

October 7, 2022/

Are Foxes Protected from Fox Pest Control Services? Request Quote here Fantastic Mr Fox Foxes are natural scavengers and are becoming an ever-increasing sight in our major towns and cities.…

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