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How To Control Rats - Pest Control For Rats

“I smell a rat” – Thomas Middleton

Dealing with any pest infestation can be disruptive, taxing, timely and very upsetting; our professional team at PestGone Environmental understands the impact Rats control problems can have on homes, offices and business establishments as well as busy public space.

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Rats Control Problems

A particularly popular request and the persistent problem we get from clients is an outbreak of rats in any given area. So, what can be done?

Rats are rodents, rodents that can be very tricky to remove. A rat infestation can cause serious and hazardous problems to buildings whether holes have been made, wires may have been chewed, the main structure of the building can quite easily be damaged, and food and drink can be overwhelmingly contaminated, all while quite famously carrying diseases.

These types of outbreaks really need to be contained by experienced professionals. Our team is experienced, eager and know how to rid you of those unwanted guests ensuring the problem is removed and given the appropriate aftercare to not be repeated.

It is common for people to fear rats more than rats fear us; maybe its’s the living memory of the plague in London, maybe it’s because they are highly intelligent, maybe it’s because they are rapid or perhaps it’s because they happily invite all their friends and family to any resident they move themselves into.

Whatever your reasons for hating these rodents, they have outstayed their welcome.

We work to not only remove the rats, but we also use our skills and knowledge to rat-proof your property, so this kind of infestation does not become a regular occurrence.

So, how can we control the problem from repeating itself:

Act First

As soon as you realise there is a rat issue, contact us. Rats can cause severe damage to the bones of your building and to your health. Delay can only increase these problems.

Location, Isolation and Inspection

Getting to the root of where the infestation is, is key.

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