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Don’t Let Pests Hinder Operations

Pest love getting into factories, warehouses, and storage facilities. They provide safe, undisturbed shelter away from predators and are relatively ignored. Pest such as rodents, insects and birds will start their nests for this very reason. If the premises has food storage then this makes it even more inciting for the pests.

Pests not only cause a health hazard for your staff, transmitting and spreading disease, they also contaminate or destroy goods and equipment. Rodents even cause fires by chewing through wiring and cabling, putting your entire building at risk. These rodents may also be urinating and defecating over and in goods spreading disease. A NATO serving soldier in Afghanistan died due to catching weils disease believed to be induced when drinking from a drinks can which had rats urine residue around the mouth rim.

The risks are real and taking control early is key to stopping an infestation growing.

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Common Industrial Facilities Pests

Food warehouses and bread-mills will often have issues with stored product insects so rotating stock is crucial to preventing an infestation growing.

Rodents are also common in industrial environments, gaining entry though tiny gaps or under shutter doors to then start a nest. Their faecal matter can cause serious illness in humans by contaminating stock. This may result in the building being shut down by the relevant authorities to investigate causing disruption and financial

Warehouses and factories often have issues with birds roosting defacing the property and causing possible contamination of stock with their guano. They may also carry mites or ticks which can spread to people once the birds leave the nest.

Cafeterias and food areas may have issues with cockroaches, flies, ants, and other insects. Flies and cockroaches in particular are carriers of disease and can cause significant health issues for your staff if not monitored and dealt with.

Pests Protection in Industrial Facilities

Normally industrial facilities require a specific, tailor made pest programme put in place. Due to the vast dissimilarities between sites and buildings there is not a one time solution that best suits all.

PestGone Environmental will inspect and create a custom made programme to combat the pest problem at hand and work proactively to prevent future infestations. There is not a problem we can’t deal with inside or out of a factory or warehouse.

Our annual pest management programmes ensure the pest population is kept under control. Traps and baits will be inspected regularly and replenished where appropriate to keep on top of any infestations. Our pest programmes work protecting your staff and property, and ultimately your business.

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