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What Are the Signs of a Commercial Pest Infestation??

When it comes to effectively and discreetly dealing with commercial pest infestations, early intervention is key. Whether you are dealing with rodents or stored product pests, the earlier you seek professional help the better. It is critical for you and your staff to be aware of any indication of pest activity on the premises to ensure professional intervention as early as possible. If an infestation is allowed to increase it may result in the closure of the business which will in turn cost the company money. Take a look at our sure fire signs of a commercial pest infestation that you and your staff can use to identify.

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Pest droppings or fecal matter is a classic sign off an infestation. Check your building for urine trails also. Remember, while rat or mice waste can be easy to spot, waste from smaller pests, like bed bugs, is often harder to see. Therefore, a thorough examination is crucial. Always instruct staff, especially housekeeping and cleaning staff in a hospitality facility, to examine all bedding, furniture, floors, walls, etc. for any evidence of pest droppings.

Signs of Gnawing

Signs of gnawing could be to food sources such as fruits or vegetables in the staff kitchen, or that chocolate bar you left in the bottom draw. Gnawing may also occur to wooden desks or door edges as rodents use these corners to file down and sharpen their teeth leaving behind wooden shavings. Other signs of gnawing may be actually hearing the noise of scratching in a cavity wall. If you see or hear anything you may think related then reacting and calling in a professional company is vital to gain control of the infestation early.

Bites or Skin Reactions

Bites and skin reactions are mainly related to insects such as fleas, bedbugs, mites etc. If bites are appearing mainly around the ankles then it is a good chance these are flea bites as they tend to sit on the top of socks and take a blood meal from you, the host. Three or more bites in a line would suggest bedbugs but these are quite easy to spot and usually only occur whilst sleeping at home. Bird mites will bite whilst dust mites do not, however they will cause skin reactions with there fecal matter being disposed of on your skin.

Damage to the Property

Physical damage to your building, such as holes and gaps, can be an indication of a pest infestation. Rats and mice love to chew, so gnaw marks on furniture or wiring is a huge red flag. Small holes in floors or walls are also sign of an infestation. Also be on the lookout for damaged wood, such as wooden furniture and outdoor wooden decks. This is a major indicator of a woodworm infestation. If you notice unexplained property damage, contacting a professional is important to help identify any underlying or visible pest issues.

Ant and insect pests
Pest animals and insects

Disturbed Plants or Flowers

Rodents may use plants or flowers as a food source and will eat nearly anything that is organic. Some mice will also try and burrow into the soils of the plants if access allows. Insects will also feed on plant stems and leaves so regular inspections should be carried out when watering to ensure no pest activity is taking place and going unnoticed.

Smear or Grease Marks

Rodents have natural oils in their hair like we all do. If a rodent uses the same run and squeezes through the same gap multiple times a greyish black smear will start to form. These can usually be seen on the top kitchen kickboards, white electric cables behind fridges or through internal air vents. If you are unsure then we would advise cleaning the marks you see, ensuring you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards, and then see if the marks appear weeks later.

How do Pests Enter from the Outside

Air Bricks & Air Vents

This is the most common way we believe pest such as rodents enter the average property. They are attracted to the radiating heat and smells of food through the vent. This open source will lead directly to the properties basement or under floor cavities.

Gaps Around Services

Services such as waste water pipework, gas piping and electric cables allow opportunities for mice to enter your home. Quick DIY fixes to prevent this involve using wire wools or hardened adhesives with cement being the preferred choice.

Insect pests

Under Doors

Pests can squeeze under gaps such as doors that you can fit a pencil through. Draught excluders with stiff thick bristles can be used, or excluders with metallic bristles gets the best results. Failing that a bevel edged stainless steel door threshold.

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