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Solar Panel Proofing : Securing your panels and the aesthetics of your roof for the long-term.

Why are Pest Birds Attracted to Solar Panels?

Solar paneling is a perfect nesting site providing shelter, warmth and protection for pigeons and other pest birds against predators. These nuisance birds can build their nest under the panels accompanying debris, mites and noise, not to mention fouling and defacing the area and the solar panel surface with their droppings. This can result in costly damage requiring repairs to the wiring, panel surface and components. Putting a barrier in place is vital so to prevent pests from harbouring below.

What To Expect When You Hire PestGone

Complete Survey: A full survey has taken place by our technicians. Our technicians will ensure that all safety precautions will be in place before work commences, Including Risk Assessments and Method statements.

Pest Removal: We will remove dead Pigeons, live pigeons, nests and debris where possible from your solar panels, ensuring that all remnants and evidence of the Pigeons is completely gone and preventing any debris falling from your roof.

Installing a Barrier: Using our secure materials, we measure and fit stainless steel mesh or SolaTrim to each individual outer solar panel to ensure that pigeons, squirrels and other vermin can no longer gain access.

Make good: We thoroughly clean your panels using an approved cleaning fluid for solar panels. We also remove all pigeon debris and clean and decontaminate your guttering to ensure that everything is working correctly.


The Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

The Act states that a person will be liable for prosecution if they:

  • kill, injure or take any wild bird
  • take, damage or destroy the nest of a wild bird included in Schedule ZA1
  • take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built, or
  • take or destroy an egg of any wild bird

Whether intentional or unintentional you can be liable and fined if you do not adhere to the legislation. It is essential that you seek expert advice if you believe there is a risk of birds nesting that could impact your business. Understanding bird behaviour and implementing an effective control method can be complex. It is essential that anyone looking to remove nests and/or deal with nuisance birds obtains advice from an experienced professional company.

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