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Don’t let Pests Destroy your Food Business

Reputation and reviews have a large impact on how people perceive your food and your business. If serving food to the public and a smart phone captures a rodent scuttling across the hot plate then this can cause irreversible damage to your reputation.

Health authorities are now requiring appropriate measures are in place to detect early, prevent, and control infestations. Not carrying out these protocols may result in your business being served notice and shut down until appropriate action is taken. Having a pest problem will also affect your food hygiene rating as this is one of the elements inspected for.

Let PestGone Environmental protect your customers, your reputation and your livelihood.

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Common Pests in the Food Industry.

Hygiene and cleanliness is vital in warding off pests. Easily accessible food and waste can lay rise to an infestation taking hold and spreading. Cockroaches pose huge health risks in kitchens due to carrying pathogens and immediate treatment is important to gain control.

Rodents, such as mice are a particularly unwelcome but common site in establishments. They can ruin a companies reputation as well pose a risk to health with the carrying diseases.

Flies always pop up when foods are present so restaurants are no exception. Flies feed on decaying waste, pick up pathogens on their legs, and transfer those pathogens to the next surfaces they land on, as well as regurgitating their last meal. Covering bins and raw foods whilst preparing and cooking dishes is important to stop the spread of pathogens.

Establishments with outdoor eating areas may struggle with wasps in the summer. Spilled drinks, especially sugary or alcoholic, attract wasps who may be nesting nearby, causing nuisance to diners and sometimes even making beer gardens unusable. If you have a wasp nest on the premises, removing it is vital to protecting patrons who may have allergies to stings.

Dealing with Pests in the Food Industry

Speed is the key when dealing with an infestation so to protect your customers and your business from harm..

We understand that evidence of pest control equipment or personnel can be off putting for some guests, therefore we will work with you, and around your time schedule to cause as little impact on your business as possible. Our annual pest maintenance programmes allow you to rest assured that you’re in compliance with food safety regulations and know that your premises are covered.

We also provide emergency and one-off pest control so if you have an infestation, call us now before it causes your business problems.

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All of our Pest Control technicians are fully insured, so you can trust us to provide you with a safe, reliable and efficient service. With years of experience in the industry, we have developed a reputation for professionalism and quality workmanship.


All of our Pest Control technicians are highly qualified to RSPH Level 2 in Pest Management. This means that we understand how serious a pest problem can be to you and your family’s health if not treated correctly.


All of our pest control services come with a minimum of a 3 month guarantee giving you peace of mind for the future. Call us today to book an appointment with one of our experienced technicians at a time that best suits you.

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