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Woodworm or wood boring beetles have been around for centuries and can cause damage to your home or business property if left untreated.
The female of the wood boring insect will lay her eggs in moist and nutritious timber, preferably the sapwood of freshly felled trees or branches outside. The larvae will burrow beneath the surface for three to five years, pupate and then emerge as adults. It’s these larvae which can cause untold destruction to your premises.

Tell-tale signs of woodworm include:

• Small round holes in woodwork, similar size to the holes in a dart board.
• Fine and powdery dust around these holes (this is known as frass).
• Crumbly edges to boards and joists.
• Adult beetles emerging from the holes or, present around the house.

Types UK wood boring Beetles (Woodworm)

• Furniture Beetle – a very common species of woodworm found in the UK and feeds on both hardwoods and softwoods.

• Deathwatch Beetle – the deathwatch beetle found usually in damp timbers makes a ticking mating call. A century ago people in old Victorian hospitals believed this ticking noise was death coming to take a life, hence where it got it’s name.

• Powderpost Beetle – this species is very destructive and feeds on hardwood timber.

• Longhorn Beetle – this species prefers softwoods such as roof timbers. In warmer weather this beetle can fly which allows an infestation to spread to surrounding neighbours

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