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Ants are arguably the greatest success story in the history of the animal kingdom. For every human there are about one million ants. — Its only when ants start imposing their presence in our homes and businesses do they start to become a real nuisance. Most ants are in search of food when they enter our premises and prefer sweet sticky liquids like jam and honey.  Determining what ant species is invading your personal space is important in how we treat and deal with these little critters.

What’s the difference between Ants and Flying Ants?

Contrary to popular belief flying ants are not a separate species. Most ant species will have flying ants and its these ants that have been specially chosen by the colonies Queen to be future potential Queens themselves. 

Both male and female ants fly during mating season. The females are known as potential Queens, whilst the males are known as drones. The females are much larger than the males and when taking their nuptial flight, the potential Queens will only mate with males who they believe to be the fastest and strongest. They will mate with several males and won’t need to again, due to being able to store sperm in her abdomen for many years. However, the chances of one of these potential Queens starting her own colony is very slim due to a high mortality rate. Birds and insecticides play a big part in killing the majority of all potential Queens.


• Clean all kitchen work surfaces after cooking
• Ensure all foods are wrapped and packed away
• All food waste sealed and if possible removed
• Jams and sweet liquid jars in sealed containers

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